Saka Matsushita Solo Exihibition

松下沙花 個展

「almost heard you 」


オープニングレセプション:7月8日 15:00−19:00


この度sorama galleryにて、松下沙花の新作展「almost heard you」を開催いたします。



かねてより記憶や夢をテーマにしている松下は、前回の個展「不在」では人間の記憶の気配が残る誰もいない部屋をテーマとし、それぞれの絵が全て違う語を描いていました。同展はナラティブなプロセスを更に追求し、ある一つの物語に絞り、そのシーンを描いています。タイトルの「almost heard you」というフレーズは、「あと少しで聞こえた、あと少しで伝えられた」という、誰もが感じたことのある、時間のずれや、思いのすれ違いを象徴しています。


今回は、新しい手法として2018年より始めたキャンバスペインティング作品とモノプリントドローイングを、今回のストーリーをインスピレーションに制作された、Rafael Ikenagaによるオリジナルスコアと共に展示予定です。この機会にぜひご高覧くださいますようお願い申し上げます。




School of Art (現ロンドン芸術大学ウィンブルドンカレッジオブアート)の舞台衣装科で優秀学位を取得。その後Motley Theatre design

instagram: @sakamat




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Saka Matsushita solo exhibition

almost heard you

July 8th – 15th, 2018

Opening Reception: July 8th 15:00−19:00


sorama gallery will present a solo exhibition almost heard you,
featuring new works by Tokyo based artist Saka Matsushita from

July 8th, 2018 – July 15th, 2018.

Saka follows a unique process of mapping out a story, writing a short script, drawing
a storyboard, then making the artwork. She often uses a line spoken by someone
in the story as the title of a work as well. This comes from her experience
working as a set and costume designer for stage and film in which the story is
always placed at the core.


Saka has been creating artwork with recurring themes of memory and dream.

Her previous exhibition Absence was a series of empty rooms with remaining traces and memories of people once occupied the space and each piece depicted different stories. 

In almost heard you, Saka’s pursuit to focus on the narrative in the process of producing
paintings and drawings lead her to concentrate on developing one story.

Each painting in this exhibition is a different scene within. 

The phrase “almost heard you” , also the title of this exhibition, inspired the series.

The phrase captures the tinge of emotion felt when we can’t fully express our words and
feelings or when timing and opportunity just don’t match.


The exhibition will feature new canvas painting works Saka began to practice in 2018
as well as monoprint drawings. This show will be accompanied by original music
scores by Rafael Ikenaga.

Saka Matsushita

Born in Japan, raised in New York City, Tokyo and Toronto.

She trained on the Motley Theatre Design Course, London UK.

Prior to Motley, she gained a BA Hons in Costume Interpretation from Wimbledon School
of Art (University of the Arts).Throughout and after her studies, she worked on
variety of film, theatre and installation projects as a costume/set designer.

She has been working on personal projects since the beginning of 2012 and currently
based in Tokyo.

instagram: @sakamat





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